Nowhere to run

November 2010 – from Health24 Why the bleak title? Well, take the revolting case of the gang-raped schoolgirl (November 2010) – fed a date-rape drug on school property during the school day, and raped by several fellow students who filmed it on their cellphones. Then they disseminated the clip to others, and it’s alleged that […]

La Luna Bleu

Marcus closed his eyes at the whisper of pain, and rattled a sword at that old ghost, Migraine, he heard a distant sweet and mournful refrain – it seemed like a clear violin’s soft strain.   With eyes tightly shut, he opened them and looked around He was standing in what seemed to be a […]

Listen up

Listen, Don’t talk, not inside or outside of your your mind. Listen. Let the shouting die down; like screaming children, even combatants have to breathe sometime. Now, aim a reasonable and incontrovertible truth straight at each other’s hearts – Not a bullet, Not an insult, Not a threat for a threat, But an incontrovertible truth coated […]

Why I’ve been so quiet

For those who know me, you know that my family has been walking alongside my dear Dad as he battled lately-diagnosed cancer.  Wednesday 08 February was his last day with us and we miss him immensely.  We’ll be fine – we had a rare chance to say the things many people never get a chance […]

Posted previously in Oct 2010

So many things I don’t understand. The four men burst in at the door of a homestead and demand the drug “Sugars”, A bewildered man says that he doesn’t have what they are looking for and they kill him and all of his – one 18-year-old escapes, but they track him down and kill him […]

Love’s different faces

Love’s different faces  We two go on a silly night adventure in search of a cup of coffee, through the sleeping streets of chill spring Bristol at three in the morning, when only foreign cabmen, cops and late-night revellers are awake. We notice the gingerbread houses and wonder who built them, We peer over a wall to […]