Listen up


Don’t talk, not inside or outside of your your mind.


Let the shouting die down – like screaming children, even combatants have to breathe sometime.

Now, aim a reasonable and incontrovertible truth straight at our hearts –

Not a bullet,

Not an insult,

Not a threat for a threat,

But an incontrovertible truth coated in unmistakable love.

45 calibres of compassion, not lead, is what’s required.

Against an honestly extended and outstretched hand there is no defence, and compassion for the truly suffering is immune to attack.

Does this mean that we champion the overfed, braying flails that have been sent to sting us ’til we bite?


Does it mean that we pretend that nothing is wrong?


But this response – a calm and direct incontrovertible truth, coated in unmistakable compassion for those that truly suffer –

sways the very masses that braying flails are trying to harness with hollow promises, poisoning the nation’s heart with their thorn.

Our fear is the thorn’s point

Our anger is the secret of the thorn’s recruitment

Our apathy gives the thorn power

Our selfishness lends credence to the thorn’s lies

Our division and strife sharpens the thorn.

See, storms pass – we don’t break down our houses every time we see clouds building.

What are these truths? They’re simple – simple enough to state without hesitation:

* each and every citizen in this nation deserves basic safety

* each and every citizen in this nation has the right, and a duty, to work

* each and every citizen in this nation has a duty to work properly

* every statute in law has to be defended by every citizen

* anyone stealing or railroading the state has to be brought speedily, and thoroughly, to book

* that anyone who can feel pain should not inflict it on anyone else, and people who cannot feel pain must get treatment

* that women and children are also human, and therefore citizens – so raping, murdering or exposing them to disease and neglect is a crime against an actual human citizen

* that any cultural/religious belief that causes actual physical harm should immediately cease or be prosecuted

* that anyone misusing authority be brought speedily, and thoroughly, to book

* that proper training be instituted to impart skills to all levels of society

* that anyone who thinks human life or the law or constitution is a joke be banished to somewhere like Tibet or Darfur – just to see how funny that can really be

* that teaching, the medical profession, engineering and policing are vocations of honour, and needful of tremendous character – aptitude testing, credit checks, past records and three independent character witnesses be a reasonable requirement for acceptance.

* that ignoring safe sex warnings, and refusing to be tested for HIV while sleeping with multiple partners is, at best, criminal negligence.

* that every person charged with a violent crime be drug tested, as many of the more insane and gratuitous acts of violence are probably fueled by nyaupe/tik

* that someone explain to the armed forces that cleaning your own barracks, boots and ironing the corners of your bed are actually facets of training – not punishment.

* that laws such as not driving under the influence, or not buying a driver’s licence, are not there to keep you down/oppressed – they’re there to stop you from becoming a murderer by accident on a Friday night.

* that the law is either for everyone, or no-one – anarchy is only interesting to people who live in lawful societies ie. armchair rebels. Ask any woman or child in Darfur if they enjoy anarchy.

These are the ones I can think of for the moment.


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