THAT column..

So, I took a day and a night and allowed Prince Mashele’s very controversial column to percolate in the back of my head.  As is the way with me, while crossing the road in front of Claremont Station, I had a breakthrough.  See, my problem was: I couldn’t understand why a sensible and brave columnist […]

No-one’s going to seperate us

You’re scared?  So am I.  You’re angry?  I understand.  You’re frustrated?  I can see why. But we need each other.  Maybe no-one is telling us that, people have their own reasons for trying to keep us apart.  But we need each other – every single one of us, great and small, is a part of the […]

Dreamin’ (2011)

Been far too focused on the real world lately – felt it snapping at my attention. Suddenly feeling lonely – not alone, just lonely. Think it’s time I did some imagining, took some time to manufacture the kind of world I want right now, and then visit it in my mind. So, I’m going to […]


A palindrome reads the same backward and forward.  This is a palindrome – playing the opposite backwards.  Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite too. It is worth reading – forward and backward.                                                      Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed   I am part of a lost generationand I refuse to believe […]

Old, but relevant, rant :)

I like being a peacemaker, I like it when the hostages go free and the hostage-taker doesn’t get shot in the face. More importantly though, it’s made me realise that I’m not relevant anymore – in fact, I’m not sure that I ever was. I’ve lived too small, my heroes are archaic and my internal […]

It’s lovely

Walking over the rail-crossing at False Bay station, there’s a cheerful boy in front of me carrying a guitar.  When I reach Main Road, I share the pedestrian walkway with a girl carrying a violin. And all I can think is: “How lovely is this – kids learning to read melody, and to write it […]