Dreamin’ (2011)

Been far too focused on the real world lately – felt it snapping at my attention.

Suddenly feeling lonely – not alone, just lonely.

Think it’s time I did some imagining, took some time to manufacture the kind of world I want right now, and then visit it in my mind.

So, I’m going to take a walk down a safe street on this dark and windswept night, and when I see an interesting place spilling light onto the sidewalk, I’m going to walk in.

 It’s a pub/restaurant, modelled on one I visited in Chiswick, England.  I see a table full of interesting-looking people – a nice mix of young, older, male , female and they’re waving me over. 

Someone asks what I did with my day and, after tasting my wine, I tell them about reading up on the Manson killers – how one was paroled (Squeaky Fromme, weirdly), one has passed away (Susan Atkins), and the others are seeing out their time in various prisons.  And here’s the really dreamy part – they know what I’m talking about, AND they have opinions!

And now it’s delicious – we’re not just talking about whether they should have fried or not – we’re talking about the time that the murders happened, how much the era affected their actions and subsequent sentencing. 

Someone is saying that we’ve seen far worse murders since then, why don’t they affect us the way the Tate murder rocked the world? 

Someone else says that it may have been the case that began our desensitisation – I remember what Joan Didion wrote in her essay (in The White Album): that these murders were the real end of the 60’s.

We end this round by discussing what we think of the death penalty – there are people pro and anti.  My stance is that it can never happen with a crooked justice system, and definitely not with a jury system. 

The mood lightens when someone starts comparing the great guitarists of the 60’a and 70’s – he thinks Richie Blackmore has been sorely ignored.  Someone speaks up for Joe Satriani and Phil Keaggy, but I have to list Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Mark Knopfler, Hendrix and Gilmore.  My neighbour wonders, if we’re talking guitarists, why the hell we’re leaving out the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s guy, or U2’s stringman?  We realise that there are just so many.

And then it’s time for me to go.. I still have to walk home down my safe street and stop to look at rings around the full moon.

It’s been great. 

(pic below is the crazy interior of Cape To Cuba, Kalkbay)

Fascinating and thoughtful people – have a round on me…



One thought on “Dreamin’ (2011)

  1. I agree with you about the death penalty and a crooked justice system.

    Guitarists, I like all those you mentioned, favourites though: Santana and knofler and I’d like to add Clapton to the list 🙂

    Have a good day Jo.


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