No-one’s going to seperate us

You’re scared?  So am I.  You’re angry?  I understand.  You’re frustrated?  I can see why.

But we need each other. 

Maybe no-one is telling us that, people have their own reasons for trying to keep us apart. 

But we need each other – every single one of us, great and small, is a part of the body that makes up this nation.  Anyone who tells us different is either mistaken, or lying to us. 

Breaking us up into pieces, alienating us from one another – the evidence that this is bad for us is clear. 

South Africa needs every single pair of hands, South Africa needs every diverse mind to work for her good. 

And we don’t have to look the same, sound the same, dance the same or celebrate the same – we just need to know that this land, and the future that we build – that is going to be the same. 

Whether it’s good or terrible, that depends on all of us.


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