Priceless Peace

She’s always run her life like it was a city park – open access for the harried and green-starved. But, filling yet another bag with carelessly tossed litter, she realises: it’s time to charge admission.  Sympathy addicts – R1 000 per hour Need To Dump On You users – R2 000 per hour Need Advice But […]

Scapegoats (2007)

Does all the brave talk of war add a piquancy to intimate dinners with old friends? All that hot criticism to warm the blood and snifters of brandy around the teak dining room tables?   Does it feel racy, like forbidden fruit, as you loose racist barbs from behind the net curtains of your secure sanctuaries, […]

Gerald Durrell

 The first time I ever travelled to a real land via a book was at age 12 when I read My family, and other animals by Gerald Durrell. The island of Corfu, his family and every one of the animals was a joy and a revelation. My own weird life at that time may have been […]

Transformation’s happening anyway

Walking around with a head full of race debates and city comparisons this morning, so I decide to let the wind blow my mind clear. And there’s no better place for attention-sapping wind than Muizenberg beach this day.  Sitting on the boardwalk, I see small groups of learner-surfers convening and they grab my interest.  Demographics […]

Mob WIves – why?

I have the TV on in the background at night while I work, and maybe it’s not always a good idea – especially when it’s a re-run of Mob Wives on TLC. The first time I saw this series I couldn’t look away – not knowing what to expect from these women, the images had […]