Mob WIves – why?

I have the TV on in the background at night while I work, and maybe it’s not always a good idea – especially when it’s a re-run of Mob Wives on TLC.

The first time I saw this series I couldn’t look away – not knowing what to expect from these women, the images had me mesmerised.  Where were they coming from, what was it supposed to be about?

Teetering between cocktail bars and fur boutiques on monumentally high heels – only removing them for better balance in orchestrated cat-fights – they were showing me a strange, strange land.

But this is the series being re-run from the start, and, having lost the element of surprise, I’m listening to the words.

In this episode they are discussing a massive FBI operation during which 100-odd mobsters have been busted – including their husbands.

Wringing their diamond-encrusted hands in luxuriously-appointed homes, these women are telling us that the Feds don’t care that their children are crying this night.

The camera cuts to a news bulletin where the District Attorney is reading off the charges:  murder, conspiracy to murder, extortion, assault, dealing – a long, long list.  All I can think of is the family members of victims who cried because of those crimes.

On the screen the wives are all calling each other to commiserate:  the FBI are bastards for doing their job and spoiling their lives.  My next thought is: do these women consider themselves citizens of the country they live in at all?  Do they pay taxes, use local medical and school services, vote, pay their employees properly – where do they imagine they’re living?

The only bit of comfort to be derived from the series is that the children appear to be fairly sick of the drama.  And, as much as the mothers benefit financially from their fathers’ crimes, they are working to make sure their kids end up on the straight and narrow.

Footballers’ Wives are just as scary, but at least their husbands fo something we can understand.

Ciao J

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