Transformation’s happening anyway

Walking around with a head full of race debates and city comparisons this morning, so I decide to let the wind blow my mind clear. And there’s no better place for attention-sapping wind than Muizenberg beach this day. 

Sitting on the boardwalk, I see small groups of learner-surfers convening and they grab my interest.  Demographics of one group: two black teenage boys, three white girls and one white boy. 

Most interesting is the instructor – they hang on his every word and live for his encouragement. He’s about 19/20 years old – a compactly-built black youth with endless patience for their ineptitude. When doting parents get all up in the middle of the class to film their kids’ moves, he asks them to back off with polite authority. They do.

I don’t live in Utopia – that’s a region that only exists in the slogan-fogged minds of political theorists. I live in a real place with real people – some taking advantage of all the new opportunities in SA, others who haven’t yet been given opportunities, and still others who won’t ever let an opportunity get in the way of their anger. 

On this beach it’s all going very well.


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