Priceless Peace

She’s always run her life like it was a city park – open access for the harried and green-starved.
But, filling yet another bag with carelessly tossed litter, she realises: it’s time to charge admission. 

Sympathy addicts – R1 000 per hour

Need To Dump On You users – R2 000 per hour

Need Advice But Never Use It, So Tell Me AGAIN repeat callers – R3 000 per hour

Take Their Frustrations Out On You repeats – R4 000 per hour

Too Lazy To Think For Themselves critics – R5 000 per hour

Joy Vampires – R10 000 per hour

Visitors who confuse kindness with weakness – BANNED

Concept Pirates – BANNED

She sits on a bench and enjoys the ordered, beautiful silence.

Boekenhout Estate Boekenhout Estate


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