Strongest sense

Running for a train on the eve of our last elections – you’d think that my mind would be burning through the issues, scoping the crowd, trying to figure which way it’s all going to go. You’d be forgiven for imagining that I’m thrashing out some last-minute arguments to post on the walls of various […]

Little Schmo Part II

Down below the little schmo heard thunder rolling across the cloudless sky of burning blue, but no sound came from his parched lips.                                                                                 *—*—*—* The rejuvenated god thundered off, literally, leaving the young god staring after him. Still he had no answer.  He walked, his head bowed, wondering what to do next – wondering […]

Little Schmo

The little schmo looked up at the burning sky and cried:  “I need food!  I need water!” Again and again he said it to the relentless sky, until his thin legs folded beneath him.                                                                   *—*—*—* High above – above the layer of burning blue and the copper sun’s lidless eye – a young […]

Play as work

I don’t really know if it’s the same today, but when I was a kid our play really was practice for our adult lives.  Because we moved in fluid packs of anything from 3 to 20 kids – depending on the season, activity and who was fighting with, or allied to, whom – we had […]

Eyes are armour-piercing

I live in a little town beside the sea; a grand old lady of a suburb who, having not heard of Botox or bodyguards, was running deeply to seed.  Until a group of 3rd generation residents started revitalising her – but not in the way of gentrification. There are still students, surfers, start-up families and […]

Polishing my silver bullets

What happened today (Reposted from Letterdash March 15, 2011)  I know that there’s not much that can be done to technically manage a stalker. Which is why things like interdicts and restraining orders exist – because you have to treat some people as potential crime scenes. For 5 years, part of my daily routine was to […]