Eyes are armour-piercing

I live in a little town beside the sea; a grand old lady of a suburb who, having not heard of Botox or bodyguards, was running deeply to seed.  Until a group of 3rd generation residents started revitalising her – but not in the way of gentrification.

There are still students, surfers, start-up families and pensioners living beside business owners and designers. 

There are also beach-walking outties, and it’s their eyes I can’t meet – not out of guilt or disgust, but because I’ll see the person inside those eyes, and then I’m fair game for all kinds of complications. 

It’s how I’m wired – outward trappings often just feel like obstacles I have to clamber over before I can shout:  “Hey, anyone home?  I’ve brought cake/wine/books – let’s talk.”

I’ll end up taking responsibility for everyone’s welfare and making my family crazy, so I have to just look away. Wish I had more to give 😦

Kalk Bay crepes

Kalk Bay crepes


One thought on “Eyes are armour-piercing

  1. Sometimes the person in there is a mean-spirited thing one doesn’t really want to have anything to do with. On other occasions some timely help can turn a life around …
    In the past few years I have seen examples of both.

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