Kill the Boer

(repost from Letterdash) Walking and taking the train are more than just exercise and a mode of transport for me, they’re spaces of alone-while-not-being-alone time for me, time to mull over the events of the day, time to just think. Not so much lately, but it used to be a great dream-with-your-eyes-open gap for me […]

Safe Places (2007)

Still only the beginning of winter, the days of a late-rising sun and dew-frosted grass; A sudden memory of how delightful it was to leave a trail of footprints on such grass – for a kid in Africa it was the closest I’d ever get to snow. Trains of thought have no schedule and this […]

A past look into our future

Stuff I’m thinking     (Initially posted June 2009 on Letterdash) So.  I opened with a hint of deeper things to come last time round – and I’ve been skulking round the edges of blogland wondering how the hell I can avoid delivering. Well, I can’t – or else y’all will never take me seriously ever again, right?  This may […]

Very short story

He had no sense of humour, she had no mercy: in a world of beauty they found one another and set about making little oppressors. What they didn’t understand is: the tighter you hold them, the further children range. And so, by accident, they raised secret artists & comedians.