A past look into our future

Stuff I’m thinking     (Initially posted June 2009 on Letterdash)

So.  I opened with a hint of deeper things to come last time round – and I’ve been skulking round the edges of blogland wondering how the hell I can avoid delivering.

Well, I can’t – or else y’all will never take me seriously ever again, right?  This may not make total sense, but it’s only round one, so bear with me.

The obstacle I can’t get around at the moment, the thing that has stopped me from even watching the daily news, taking part in radio call-in debates, or blogging, is the fact that we have lost respect for our courts of law.  

Sounds simple, sounds stupid – sounds a little neurotic, even to me. 
But it isn’t.
There’s something very final, very grand and very universal about cold, factual science and law.  Crying, hating, venting and raging mean nothing to a petrie dish, or Code 913.480 in some legal tome. 

The test for malaria doesn’t care about your age or gender – it processes molecules and comes to a conclusion based on steadfast givens.  And the law should be the same – even with latitude for motive and circumstance – it shouldn’t be moved by who your friends or enemies are.  And our law is being moved – first by inches, which are turning into miles.  I don’t mean legislation – that can change.  But once it is in place it must be definitive, until it is legally changed again.  
We have great laws, but every day another one is proved to be pointless.  We have gender equality, labour protection, racial equality, the protection of property, whistleblowing law, child protection, right to life, anti-corruption – and so what?  We could have another 1000 great laws – who would know the difference?

I’m not referring to one specific thing here – I’m just reminded of the JF Kennedy assassination debacle – the ridiculous magic bullet report. 

And I think when the nation bought that lie, that day was the start of its demise. 
Because: if they could believe that, they could believe anything. 
The result? 

George W Bush.


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