Safe Places (2007)

Still only the beginning of winter, the days of a late-rising sun and dew-frosted grass;

A sudden memory of how delightful it was to leave a trail of footprints on such grass – for a kid in Africa it was the closest I’d ever get to snow.

Trains of thought have no schedule and this one takes a side-line – I suddenly realise, and it’s not just my imagination, that the world used to be a safer place, that there are fields and fields where I couldn’t leave my footprints today if I were a 9yr old, and I was alone.

And it’s not local, and it’s not political – it’s everywhere.

In nearly every country there are trails of foot-prints left in sand and snow, and on dew-frosted grass, but no 9yr olds to be found at the ends of them.

I think we broke the world.  (2007)


One thought on “Safe Places (2007)

  1. Five years down the track, and this simply becomes more and more valid. Places that as children or young adults we used for ‘play’ would now be more dangerous than entering a war zone.

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