(One of several prize rants, first posted on Letterdash) It’s late, late, late on Saturday night. Spent the day doing last-minute maniac home repairs and garden maintenance in time for my first visitor of the season – this time it’s my Dad. But that’s not what I want to write about tonight – before I […]

Not done thinking

When a nation is coerced into worshipping the State as the Bringer of Life, the Protector and only Harbinger of Truth, get ready for the darkest of ages. The vital thing to remember about the Dark Ages, and the times on either side of them, is that no-one was safe – no-one. The most energetic […]

Thinking, as one does.

Freedom movements morph, loosely, into one of three things: functional political parties, brutal tyrannies or tightly-controlled religions. The first incarnation is rare – South Africa was lauded for appearing to make that transition. The second incarnation usually takes more than the twice the lifetime of its Stalin to ever find its way back to real […]

short post 2

Militant vegan atheist (comment posted in 2011) A militant vegan atheist is by definition a fundamentalist on at least two fronts – he does not so much resemble someone without faith as someone who, in a fit of exquisite pissed-offedness at his parents, would try to remake both god and his own DNA in another […]