Thinking, as one does.

Freedom movements morph, loosely, into one of three things: functional political parties, brutal tyrannies or tightly-controlled religions.

The first incarnation is rare – South Africa was lauded for appearing to make that transition.

The second incarnation usually takes more than the twice the lifetime of its Stalin to ever find its way back to real freedom.

The third incarnation is more prevalent – reason being: it takes a simple, but forceful, idea to rally a people to stand up against an oppressor. The problem: what happens when the oppressor is gone?

It takes a much more complex and subtle set of ideas to fill the tyrant’s deep and narrow vacuum; to broaden that space to hold actual freedom.

Freedom – the right to choose – cannot be sustained by hate and fear – it just can’t.
Just as prosperity cannot be grown on greed or envy – it takes risk, faith, generosity, objectivity, teamwork, creativity and sacrifice to grow anything: food, people, economies.

Anger, one-upmanship, miserly amassing of resources, suspicion and arrogance are relationship, economy and success-killers.

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