Someone asked me what my agenda was…

(First posted April 13, 2011 on Letterdash)

Um, truth be told, sure – as a white South African, I am certainly clear about my agenda:

• freedom of speech,
• freedom of association,
• the right to work,
• the right to create work,
• safety for the most vulnerable of SA’s citizens (children, their mothers and grandparents),
• practical and quality education,
• accountable leadership,
• measurable delivery,
• accurate report-backs,
• strong and law-abiding judiciary and police service
• and enough courage to deal with trouble-causing for trouble’s sake.

I believe that there are plenty of black South African leaders who can ensure all of the above, they just aren’t the ones we have in place right now. I will never accept that South Africans are aiming so low when trying to shape a future for this country.

I’m a white South African, and I wouldn’t take power if you handed it to me on a plate – but I will support anyone that is upright, commendable and doesn’t live on a breakfast, lunch and supper of bitterness and hatred. Nothing good can come out of that – and the delivery backlog proves it.

People are already starting to realise that you can’t eat politics, and rhetoric doesn’t keep the rain off the heads of sleeping children.

Truth is: no matter what creed or colour they are, pursuers of power for power’s sake live looking over their shoulders.
The previous foul regime were also pursuers of power, and they played it exactly the same way.

The only way to turn this around? Stop obssessing with party politics, creed, colour and vengeance – it’s exactly how the apartheid regime thought – it kept them awake day and night.

When this govt stops trying to rule and starts SERVING the people things will change.
I have faith in the people of this nation – we won’t be driven apart forever, and the people of SA are a lot smarter than the govt is giving them credit for. We are capable of better than this – and we WILL find each other. Because, truth is, we all want the same things.

PS. I, for one, will never allow anyone to ban the word apartheid from being used. It’s an integral and awful part of our history. Just like I would never try and wipe out any other part of our history – every generation has a right to hear it all.

I’m not going to let anyone forget about all the organisations all over the world that helped to bring apartheid down, or all the local organisations, parties, churches, synagogues, mosques, NGO’s, students, conscientous objectors, reporters and artists who made freedom a reality for SA.

No sir.
beach muizenberg

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