About racism

A thought bubble has been forming for a while – today it rose to the surface and broke. I started to remember the things that I hated about racism and prejudice as a child, teen and as a young adult. I hated how racism made people so lazy mentally – it was too easy to […]

Kid society

November 28, 2007 – 18:18 — Joanne I don’t really know if it’s the same today, but when I was a kid our play really was practice for our adult lives. Because we moved in fluid packs of anything from 3 to 20 kids – depending on the season, activity and who was fighting with, […]

Write another

Monet’s ponds, Blake’s wherries; Waites’ piano, Neruda’s cherries; ee cummings’ winter, Keats’ Fears; Shakespeare’s desire, Tennyson’s Tears – I’m stumbling between the feet of giants.