Yes – this is really happening..

This is an old story about a new case – well, an old and a new case. Really – I am not making this up…

Let’s make this movieThu 2 Jun 2011, 14:47

Imagine for a moment: you’re bored with everything else on TV and you’ve found one of those lone-cop-busting-corruption films on an obscure channel (think actors like Gere, Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman – you know the kind I mean).

Partway into the story you find out that the ex-cop is suddenly living in a mansion, is the owner of a string of businesses and a fleet of luxury cars.

You’re starting to think that it’s going to be a short movie – on account of how obviously crooked the force must be in this town.

But then the plot throws you a curve-ball: he is married to a mover-and-shaker, so maybe it isn’t that obvious, maybe he’s married up in the world?

Only now the story unfolds to reveal that his wife’s been making some of her tons of cash by building sub-standard houses on a government contract – using a company not even registered with building authorities!

By now it’s reached the stage where you’re sitting on the edge of your seat talking to the television out loud: “C’mon Washington/Pacino/Neeson, can’t you SEE it’s them?!”

But, in the words of all infomercials, that’s not all.

It turns out that the high-living ex-cop and partner in creative business and close house-friends of the current head of the nation’s (not just this particular city), the NATION’S police service.

Just when you wish that it would switch to adverts (so you can get a drink AND a break), another plot twist: they’ve both been investigated for tax evasion before, and they’re being investigated for not paying tax AGAIN.

It’s impossible not to hear the message loud and clear: they’re not afraid of being held accountable at all. And this story couldn’t possibly be playing down in the US where tax evasion is viewed even more sternly than murder – ask Al Capone and Wesley Snipes.

And then you realise that isn’t a run-of-the-mill good-guys-win legal thriller at all – this is more like a Tarantino where it can all go very wrong – or a “No Country For Old Men” where the bad guys are psychopaths and the good guys are really, really tired.

If you think I was hallucinating, see the script for this ‘movie’ here.

What they clearly think of SA’s citizens – all of us, especially the poor.
And, this was in 2011…

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