About racism

A thought bubble has been forming for a while – today it rose to the surface and broke. I started to remember the things that I hated about racism and prejudice as a child, teen and as a young adult.

I hated how racism made people so lazy mentally – it was too easy to simply categorise anyone and render them non-human in a moment, when all the while I could SEE that they were human.

I detested how racism and prejudice shrank all the authority figures around me – their position was so indefensible that they had to resort to stupider and narrower mindsets daily – how could I respect anyone who spouted such double-minded bullshit, how could I believe anything they said at all?

I loathed how racism and prejudice eventually made nice people cruel – that the smiling, gift-bearing men and women around me could turn into snarling defenders of mayhem and horror, as long as it was happening to those people.

I hated how wasteful and foolish racism and prejudice were – how normally frugal and sensible people would happily pour millions and millions of Rand into crazy plots and schemes just to maintain face and power.

The thing that I found most unbearable about racism and prejudice was how it took away the voices – all the voices of all the people who did not agree. And how racists seldom recognised that they were racists – they always had a 1000 good reasons to back up their foolishness.

I hated the fact that nothing being built or made, or written, or sung, or invented was simply for the joy of making, building, singing, writing and inventing – everything was dedicated to maintaining a specific view. I hated it a lot, and dedicated everything I could to seeing it end. And I feel the same way today… (first posted on Letterdash 02/2010)


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