work in progress

(Written in September 2008) I put off writing the whole weekend because I had too much to say, when I tried to put it into words, they just upped and wriggled away off the page. I tried speaking about it – I thought that saying it aloud would clarify my feelings, and separate the crowd […]

Protests too much

How many times has it happened that two people, shored up in their separate hurts like stony-walled castles, find themselves thrown together, and they say: “Oh, I don’t believe in love” “No-one can breach MY high walls” “Hah, I’ll never fall for THAT again” Only to find that suddenly the space between them is gone, […]

Muscle cars and memories

Your memory can play games with you, if you give it enough time. In my mind it was always four Ford Capris – three red and one light blue, and four boys named Chris. But now, when I sit down to capture the story in a paper net, I can only remember the names of […]