work in progress

(Written in September 2008)

I put off writing the whole weekend because I had too much to say,
when I tried to put it into words, they just upped and wriggled away
off the page.

I tried speaking about it – I thought that saying it aloud
would clarify my feelings, and separate the crowd
milling in my mind.

See, I personally don’t have all that much to lose,
and even though this situation isn’t what I’d choose,
it’s not such a big thing for ME.

I stopped because I knew you’d say: “Man, you’re so damn boring
with all this talk of truth and how we’re whoring
our freedom away to the lowest bidders”

“Who cares about the facts today – who cares about disruption,
What kind of fool imagines that there’s power with no corruption?
Grow up already.”

“We’re in agreement, that’s what counts – unity is all”,
and all I can think is: “Yeah, together we fall,
just wish someone had asked me”.

I finally got to the root of my fears, figured out the source of my sorrow:
We’ll talk all night ’til I’m persuaded that the earth’ll be flat tomorrow,
and the moon is made of cheese.

To preserve the carefully constructed image we show to our neighbours and friends
I’ll pretend no-one beats me, nothing gets stolen, nothing ever changes or ends –
bet you they’ll believe us.

And we’ll laugh because we’ve foxed them, they’ve bought the whole farm – worst is we’ve foxed ourselves – therein lies the real harm –
into believing that this is normal.



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