The important-looking official and I round a corner in the city at the same time – I step carefully around the pigeons, but she frightens them clattering into the air with the sharp clip of her official heels. She smiles because the pigeons are not afraid of me, but they are obviously afraid of her. […]

What Grace is

You have no idea of what my eyes have seen My days and dreams being built out of air and prayer, watching my road appear across the chasm before me, one paving stone at a time. From the earliest age I had no guarantees, no nets, no free admission to a secure future. My life […]

casual cruelty

She spent the whole week mulling over the idea of casual cruelty – the kind of thoughtless crap that people say to other people. Halfway through the week she got introspective, started wondering if she wasn’t just too damned oversensitive. But running over the words again, it was hard to imagine that anyone else wouldn’t […]