What Grace is

You have no idea of what my eyes have seen

My days and dreams being built out of air and prayer,
watching my road appear across the chasm before me,
one paving stone at a time.

From the earliest age I had no guarantees, no nets,
no free admission to a secure future.
My life has been one breathstealing
and unplanned aerial swoop to the next,
with the loops appearing only at the exact
moment my hand reaches for them.

And it’s pivotally important for you to understand
that I am not brave, I am not given to flying –
it’s only that, every time the ground’s been stolen
out from under me, grace has not allowed me to fall.

And I can give thanks, and I do give glory
Because I can truly say that this was not me.
I have been broken, afraid and deprecated,
But I am not alone, and I am held up. (2009)



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