A special birthday post

I ran this blog post last year on Madiba’s birthday, but, considering all that’s happened to him during the last 12 months, it feels so long ago. Over 365 days SA’s former president’s face has been put onto each one of our banknotes, and he’s been hospitalised for two bouts of lung infection – the […]

Growing Secret Artists

He had no sense of humour, she had no mercy: in a world of beauty they managed to find one another and set about making little oppressors. But what they didn’t understand is: the tighter you hold them, the further children range. And so (all by accident) they raised secret artists and comedians. (2012)  <

Why forgive?

Who really knows, who can tellHow many will die from a poisoned well? When courting bitterness be well awareThat the corpse on one’s back will be rotting there And the hatred without will seep to within,No matter how stubborn, or how thick the skin.      (2007)

Hey, Sherman…

Found Sherman Alexi’s website yesterday – spent an hour reading everything.  Maintained a pose because I was at the office and had to choke back the tears. Wanted to write him a letter, but the site was adamant about protecting his time and privacy. Was stunned by the short autobiography – so much that I […]