There are some things I don’t understand

(First posted on October 26, 2010)

The four men burst in at the door of a homestead and demand the drug “Sugars”,  a bewildered man says that he doesn’t have what they are looking for, and they kill him and all of his.  Except for one 18-year-old who escapes, but they track him down and kill him next.

Then they go to the next humble abode, smash their way in and shoot dead a man and the pregnant woman in the bed beside him. Firing on withdrawal, bloodlust and a madness yet to be quantified they allow  a man to live, after raping his thirteen-year-old daughter in front of him.

The horrified police walk around the scene without direction, and the cop in charge stammers that they have a few leads – no-one, absolutely no-one, tells us WTF “Sugars” is… (IOL and ETV news).

The only reports that carry the word “Sugars” are 2 6am radio news reports – this part of the story never appears in print. If it’s the one thing the attackers were looking for, it’s the single most important clue in all of this.  Why the silence?

If there is a substance on this planet that drives human beings to devolve into being capable of this, I’d be working days and nights to find out what, where, how and who it is.  Maybe it explains the some of the mindless violence that’s happening in SA.

Well, I went and found out for them – and if you know anyone who gives a rat’s ass, I’ve posted it below.  If everyone in charge of anything in this country wasn’t so busy stuffing every crack in the dam with cash, fighting anyone not on their side or desperately trying to keeping secrets, maybe they’d have figured that we need to drug test every single violent criminal and set up proper rehab programmes .  It’s okay, I don’t expect anyone to get it – they’re not living where these ghouls prowl.  But I’m putting it out there – y’all can’t pretend no-one told you…

Sugars’ is the street name of a popular drug in South Africa (also known as nyope or whoonga) – its’s a heroin-derivative where heroin is mixed with small amounts of residual cocaine or certain ARVs. It is then used together with other drugs like cannabis (dagga) or inhaled on its own. The drug mix is cut with other substances that give it bulk and may make the effects more potent. Like tik it has become a popular drug among teens and it is highly addictive with a poor rate of recovery. (information from


7 thoughts on “There are some things I don’t understand

      • I have been neglecting blogs due to work – we’re rolling out a mobile app in SA and Indonesia, and the powers-that-be have had us churning out content like mad. But, the worst is behind us and you’ll see more posts & comments from here on out. I have been keeping track of you all – how are things with you?

  1. Charming stuff, and the traffic in and use of it are simply on the increase. The police say that when they shoot someone who is on it, they simply won’t admit they’re dead.

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