Blue, bluest blues

(verse 1 – 3 one of the saddest songs – inspired by Lionel’s funny Tweet)

Oh, it sure is winter, baby – that sky is so grey
It started out grey, baby, and it stayed that way ALL day.
The wind is not my friend, baby – nearly blew me right away,
And ……… I’m all out of …. lip gloss……..

Tired of no sunshine, tired of being cold
Went to buy a puppy, something warm to hold
The man said “you’re too late – the last puppy’s sold” –
And……..I’m all out of ….. lip gloss…..

So I tried making fun, but I just made trouble
Even tried a crash diet, but I put on double
Invested my money just before they burst the bubble
And…….. I’m all out of….. lip gloss…



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