This City (2007)

Walking through the streets, across Thibault Square, This could be any city in any country. Here are the same rich, the same downs-at-heel, The Fashionistas and the drones, Here are the purveyors of newsprint and labels Designer coffees and outrageous footwear, The buses and taxis, the flowing river of commuters, All moving or standing still […]

I Can Wait…. (2007)

Flew home this winter evening, the Northwest wind blowing me along with swollen banks of raincloud. Timed my exit to a nicety, darting out into rain-slippery streets between driving downpours Ducked wind-shaken trees as they shed drops big as bullets, Danced across intersections, and wove through coated-and-capped crowds Got to the station to find storm-panicked […]