Posted in February 2013

This was written in February of this year – so, my idea isn’t new, even for me. Going to keep on saying it until someone hears – no-one in charge will be able to say they didn’t know, right?

Just give me 5 minutes – maybe less

Bear with me – just for five minutes. I’m skidding in under the closing garage door here – I know that everyone’s attention span regarding rape is shutting down, but I have something – a last minute-delivery.

See, we’ve heard the horror, the shouting, the spats that have broken out on the edges of the crowd as we turn on one another in helpless anger, but out of it all one question has emerged: what do we DO?

So, it’s come to me, and I’m bringing it to you – it’ll take five minutes to unpack this delivery and assemble the answer.
We need to know why. Not what you or I think – not the reason for this or that isolated incident – we need to get to the root of it all.

This is how
We need to assemble a task team – not a lame-arsed commission or a politically blind enquiry – we need clinically-minded, objective forensic psychiatrists and experienced interviewers to go to each of these convicted rapists and investigate everything.

We need to know where they live, what they use, what they watch, their level of education, their financial situation, their cultural or religious input, their age, their social standing – the circumstances surrounding the specific crime and whether they have done it before.

We need to know if they have spent time in prison, whether they are part of their community, whether they have any physical or mental illness – we need to test for substance abuse and alcohol dependency. And we need to hear from them what they were thinking – about women, about children, about their victims, about the families of their victims and their own families.

What will emerge from this are many differences and some similarities – we’ll have some idea of what’s driving this insane wave.

Now you can say to me: You’re crazy – who is going to do this, who’s going to pay for this?

Well, we are.

If we really give a damn about stopping this, we’ll lobby for this, we’ll wear black for this – we’ll march & write & clamour for this.

We know we can afford it – there’s plenty of money out there being spent on frivolous crap and endless court cases. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth – the SAHRC, a few universities and the SAPS can put it together between them and make all their facilities available. A few important theses and award-winning articles and documentaries could emerge from this investigation, and we’d have some actual answers on how to address this in a real way.

The only thing that could stop us from doing this is us. If we don’t really want to know why, if it’s OK to shout about death penalties and poverty, but please, don’t confront us with reality – that’s all that would stop us from moving heaven and earth to set this up and see it through.

I’m done – what do you think?

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