The poetry store

22/10/2013 Been so long since I’ve written poems. Went through a muse-fuelled stage between 2005 and 2007 when I couldn’t help but write poems. Not sure how to access that room in my brain right now – not even sure that I’m meant to. I know what this room called “Poetry” is for And what’s […]

Take a look inside.

These are my morning pages: three pages every day, no thinking, no planning. This exercise kind of saved my life when it seemed like all the words had dried up. I’m posting a series of these muses and subconscious outpourings – they come in no particular order. 23/10/2013 It’s the next 3 pages – just […]

A December moment

It’s one of those Cape days that’s a gift – a ridiculous blessing – a sneak-peak into Paradise. As long as you have shade. And if you do, there’s no blue to match the polished sky, no sun more golden shining through oak leaves that filter away the UV, only leaving the nourishing warmth on […]