Let’s Do This

Call all your friends – have them arrive in groups, in happy clumps. Arrange the glasses, open the bottles, tear at the food. You sit in your favourite chair, I’ll sit on the floor between your feet – my legs crossed and my cup full with your hand on my shoulder, as sharp and happy […]

Ain’t got nuthin’ on the blues

By youthissueseditor We three, M, S and I, as friends of many years, have several traditions. We have been known to run whole-day Tarantino fests that go down in a blaze of popcorn, tortillas, red wine and screen-violence – we end off sedate dinners with hours of dancing at clubs that play what we want […]

Yeah, love

yeah, love: that thing that has to morph through excitement, boredom, good and bad times, it only starts as a feeling. attraction is a crackle: love is a decision, a bond, an obligation, a saving grace, a safe place a conversation, a comfortable silence and an allegiance. 11/03/2014

Not a colour

Imagine, for a moment, that you are consumed by some shameful and strange desire – not a criminal one, just something that you can’t voice out loud.  Already you’ve stepped over an internal line, and given yourself over to something that’s not altogether acceptable. Then you get rejected. Instead of it sobering you up – acting, […]

Still applies, tragically

I put off writing the whole weekend because I had too much to say, when I tried to put it into words, they just upped and wriggled away off the page. I tried speaking about it – I thought that saying it aloud would clarify my feelings, and separate the crowd milling in my mind. […]

Summing it up

Testing myself against the blank page, giving myself a chance to say something – what’s it about? Neglect? Abandonment? But I’m not abandoned – just feels that way. Has felt that way for a long time, but those are the pheromones I’m releasing – maybe the cycle of abandonment is of my own making. Not […]