She says..

She says: “Sorry to say, but epiphanies never happen on a GOOD day….” “No-one, in the midst of being thin, rich, drug-free, fit and famous suddenly gets a deep revelation about life or themselves.” “No sir. Epiphanies are the things that hit us in the face – just before we hit the sidewalk. Usually.” Advertisements

It’s a war, baby

This thing where I’m turning the light down, while simultaneously screaming at the dying of the light. This thing where I’m welcoming age, decay, as it takes me further and further out of harms way, but finding ways to slow, reverse, FLY above all that age. It feels like the two dogs/wolves in me will be fighting until my […]


The kid bouncing down into the subway, three stairs at a time, as if his feet were truly made of springs The plane trees outside the brewery changing into Autumn colours, The sun finding a gap through a halo of cloud and spilling sun down over Newlands, The two teen boys in their school uniforms […]

Maybe it is, maybe it ain’t

Dark eyes snapping, the angry one says: “Men are such churls, They only write poems to waylay melancholy girls!” I think it over: “I don’t know, sometimes I feel The emotions they describe are actually real. But, I guess it’s true, much of what you read Comes down to that basic lizard-brain need: To land, […]

Free Flow

I might not have it all, and what I’ve got may not last for all the days of my life. But I have it right now. I have the words. So, I’m lonely (a circumstantial and temporary loneliness), and I can feel Time sanding me down and sucking me dry. But I’m not alone: I […]