Ignoring The Big Red Flags

This past week another senseless and random killing incident, this time in California, US, hit the headlines. A 22-year-old student named Elliot Rodger stabbed three housemates, then went on a shooting spree, killing another three people and wounding seven more before turning the gun on himself. Rodger is the son of Hollywood filmmaker Peter Rodger, […]

Short, late-night babble-rant

Back for two minutes because when I say I’m going to bed, I mean I’ll be watching True Detective there, right? And I have something to say: It starts with the Nicholas Cage film Leaving Las Vegas – like Elisabeth Shue’s character in that film, I would stay the hopeless course – there are many […]

Eve of the election 2014

So this is a habit, this thing where I document my train journey of the eve of a major election. It’s an autumn evening: the sky is full of clotted clouds skimmed with setting sunlight. The previous train was so full that seasoned commuters sat it out, and now we’re on another with seats for […]

Just Another 3 Minutes Of Your Time

Tarantino could make a movie about it – a wild movie. Imagine the story: A rogue gang of crack-wound right-wing supremacists come riding out of the mountains somewhere in Idaho. The scene changes to a girls-only school where a class has been brought back after-hours to rewrite an exam. You see the principal looking shifty, […]

Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

It’s a funny thing – if you look back over human history, the great and the terrible things all start with one incident. Sure, there’s usually a witch’s brew of underlying issues, but it’s one argument, one decision, one shot fired, one tank rolling over a border-post that sets off the big thing: the world-changing […]