Say, what?

I don’t really get too worked up about how people write, unless it’s going public or representing something important. Then, I figure, there should be someone subbing the material, but when it comes to social media or blog spaces, WHAT people say counts for more with me.

This doesn’t mean I miss the spelling mistakes or malapropisms, but they only find purchase on my soul if they’re funny, or if they truly route the writer’s intent down an unintended path. These are the latest:

In a news story today (one of the endless fillers about – you guessed it – Oscar) we learned that a bouncer accompanying him somewhere had previously been accused of bludgeoning someone to death with a butcher’s knife. Okay, so get past the words like ‘Oscar’, ‘bouncer’ and ‘accused’ – focus on how hard it must be to bludgeon anyone with a butcher’s knife.

The next was a post where someone felt driven to tears by a UK paper that printed the words ‘feint-hearted’ in a headline. This is wrong, but anyone who’s watched a politician or criminal under investigation will know that this is actually a thing: it was just waiting for a name. 🙂

The last was an honest mistake – a friend was trying to explain that watching certain TV series about serial-killers leaves her feeling melancholy. Instead, she said:

“Watching a series about killers makes me feel, um… melodramatic!”
It’s funny already, but then we figured out the three-panel cartoon:

(1) she and husband are watching Dexter
(2) she gets up to make tea
(3) she appears dressed in a ball-gown & tiara, carrying a tea-tray & singing an aria with the line: watching serial-killers made her feel melodramatic

fainting_couch (pic from

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