Just imagine

16 Days of Activism for 2014 has begun. As always, the first things to happen are: politicians snatching some publicity, and someone saying that we should be doing this all year round.

Of course. It’s well-meant, but there’s every chance that the founders of 16 Days do care all year round, but this annual campaign is supposed to draw attention to the craziness. And it’s still all kinds of crazy.

I wish we could make it 1600 days of activism against all kinds of abuse – imagine:

• we train up 1600 new social workers
• we build 1600 creches/clinics/shelters/rehab facilities
• we place 1600 additional doctors and 1600 more nurses
• we train up 1600 police to deal with crimes of abuse
• we train 1600 forensic specialists, prosecutors and counsellors to deal with these crimes properly
• we set up 1600 safe houses in the most vulnerable areas
• we devote 1600 parliament hours to refining the law and finding the resources.
• Then we save 16million on snacks and nonsense which we use to formulate, and roll out, basic education on simple human rights from Grade 1 to 12


Safe, safe baby.

Safe, safe baby.


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