The First Day Of Many

I’ve neglected you.
I’ve neglected myself.
It’s New Year’s Eve 2014, and here I am. There are others, all on the verandah, chatting over their glasses and the food I’ve laid out – but I’d rather be speaking to you.

What a wild, wild year 2014 has been. There were times it felt like the whole country had been trapped in an airless lift between floors during load-shedding – there was always someone melting down in one corner, and someone hyperventilating in the other. While I can’t regulate a world where people bang on the doors in panic and scream at each other, I can sure control which lifts I get into 🙂 I am taking the stairs – metaphorically and literally – more often in 2015.

Through all the madness, I love us a lot. I’ve had a few spoiled foreign guests over the years who spend a lot of time pointing out SA’s faults, but all they do is make me notice our strengths. The peanut vendor who wishes me a Happy New Year even when I don’t have change to buy anything – the doorman at Cape To Cuba who rescued my daughter and I from a drunken duo who decided to have a shrieking showdown beside us – all the people in my neighbourhood who say “Good Morning” when you pass – the train driver who came over to tell us: “My train is only leaving in 40 minutes – don’t you lovely ladies want to take the early one on platform 5?”. There are so many – too many to mention. I love us. Let’s treat each other like rare treasure in 2015, like we belong to one another.

vultures (just because they’re lovely – and sneaky)

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