The Triple T! :)

Sounds like the start of a nice Roald Dahl story: “Haven’t you seen, haven’t you heard The story of the terrifically toxic turd? It all began one windy Spring night On an outward-bound British Airways flight. High up in the air, that plane turned to hell On account of the terrible, terrible smell… The Pilot […]


Past middle-age, not too fast on his feet: it’s the end of a long week, and all he wants to do is get home, have something to eat and a drink. Filled with nothing but anticipation, he’s walking towards his patio door – from my balcony, I spot the problem before he does. I watch him […]

The Burning

So, I wake up on Tuesday morning and the air is full of smoke. Our small and homely peaks have been smouldering since the early hours of Sunday, but over Monday night the flames have spread along the flanks and summits of the chain forming the Peninsula’s backbone. Now the fire is eating its way, […]