Helen being angry is the WORST of things, apparently

Many people equip us to be warriors, to free a land from being terrorised by a dragon. What do we do? We go and hunt down an ex-mayor.

I wanted to start a brand – its logo would be a rainbow in shades of grey, and its name would be MissThePointProductions.

Now’s the time.

We can’t help it. We’re the ones who’ve been taught that being unhappy = failure; that we’re free to say anything, but must only hear praise.

The world is a scary place for us: as safety starts to evaporate, we learn to move in packs.

They’ve told us that the world is a village, but they didn’t tell us that it would be a medieval village – where a pitchforked mob can put a ‘scold’ in the stocks without trial.

It’s a weird feeling when we fight all day long for the end of misogyny, but only for nice women.

Then we keep an open patriarch in power.

It’s OK to court the right kind of patriarch and it’s important to drive the wrong sort of woman through the village, pelting her with cabbages.

That’s what I learned today.

I’m not a good student.

I’m going to impose critical thinking all over it – that’s my privilege and I’m giving it away.



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