This happened tonight

People are still lovely.

I know, it’s been an awful week so far.

I’m watching reruns of That 70’s Show in the lounge – just to escape 2015. Then I go to my bedroom to fetch a jersey, and there’s a massive rain-spider on the wall above my bed!

Anyone who knows me will understand what that means: I come from a line of arachnophobes, and this is like the end of my immediate world. Sure, I can sleep on the couch, but I have to get dressed in the morning – by then it could have propagated, moved into my cupboard – it could have called all its friends on its little spider iPhone and colonised my bedroom!

I’m alone, everyone in this block is asleep or a stranger. Except my neighbour on the 6th floor, who I call – sheepishly. She comes down, but when she sees it, she’s more afraid than me. Who knew that was even possible?

We stand outside looking at one another – then she says: “What about the new guy on the ground floor? Let’s ask him!”

It’s crazy, but I’m freezing, and if we don’t do something, it’s going to colonise etc.

I knock – eventually he comes to the door. I gabble: “So sorry, this is so weird, but we (we) need someone! There’s a massive spider in my bedroom, and we’re both terrified – can you help?”

Understandably, he looks at us as if we’re crazy, but when I say (truthfully concerned): “Oh, are you also scared of them?! If you are, I’ll understand!”, I see something visceral kick in, bless him.

He says: “Hold on”, and comes back with a broom.

Well, he sorted it out, and fast.

Okay, I’m still looking at my bedroom as if it’s an alien landscape seething with hidden horrors – but people are lovely.

9 thoughts on “This happened tonight

  1. No use telling people who don’t like spiders that they are quite useful creatures to have around – anyway, of course, wasps already have a fate worse than death in mind for them.
    They are relatively harmless, but some smaller, button-like ones truly merit fear. One can lose life or limb thanks to them! Talk about concentrated venom …

  2. I know rain spiders are relatively harmless but they are always so big that which really freaks me out. I’m glad to hear that you have really nice neighbours though, we seem to have a shortage of those nowadays

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