2015 – What it is

It’s walking down a leafy boulevard, surrounded by high-end bistros and apartment blocks, but you’re really a gazelle and you can hear the deep coughing hunt-call of predators from just beneath carefully-trimmed lavender borders.

It’s tapping out 21st century snap-phrases, and posting them on cloud-couched cyberplatforms for sparkly future-people to read, but only when the power’s not blacked out.

It’s mobs of healthy youths wearing 2015 trend labels as they dish out medieval tortures and executions in Bronze Age settlements just off the national interstate.

It’s hearing that one whole town is having a full-scale witch-hunt crisis – for actual witches – while another town is hosting a surfing contest.

It’s watching a global attack on rape culture being launched against a man’s shirt, while the same newscast tells of 200+ women being kidnapped and auctioned off as slaves on the same day.

It’s hearing Hitler and his solutions being admired, but by young men who he wouldn’t have even considered as human.

It’s like taking the last train out of oncoming dystopia, and it’s a luxury train – only, you’re sleeping in the passage between cars.

But, at least you’re on the train.


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