Own Goal

A warm breeze and rain so soft that it feels like I’m sitting in a passing cloud – is this a good time to mention that a world war may have started while we were having breakfast/supper/swinging our kettlebells/texting Über/catching a bus?

It all seems a bit unthinkable, but while we were ranting and raving about our own pet issues, a bunch of people with hideous weapons and no conscience took the gap to do, well, the unthinkable.

As we sit on the sidelines, picking teams and ordering popcorn, we have no idea that, actually, there are no sidelines: we’re all right in the middle.

And there can be no winners in any of this. Why? Because, cynically, we’ve silenced all the referees.


Pic from: www.btlonline.org  

“External interven

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