Little epiphany

Something occurred to me: I have plenty of great ideas (yes, sometimes more than 6 before breakfast); some strong opinions; read whatever I can; talk and listen to people; keep track of what’s going on wherever I’m able – but there’s a reason I’m not in charge of an army, a foreign service or a […]

Safe Harbour

Speak of all the ordinary kinds of happiness, the sort akin to peace: To walk under heavy branches of bougainvillea beneath a cloud-clotted sky, To be going homeward after a good day, To the station, down the pitted side-street before the brewery, edged with riot-run fig trees and jasmine; To pass all the ordinary people, […]

sorry, not sorry

There’s a lot of ‘commiseration’ happening on social media from people who didn’t follow Dianne or the DA. Much of it is fake and intended to fan fires within the party – and written by people who truly believe the DA is racist. With such people, nothing can dissuade them – not facts, not anything. […]