sorry, not sorry

There’s a lot of ‘commiseration’ happening on social media from people who didn’t follow Dianne or the DA. Much of it is fake and intended to fan fires within the party – and written by people who truly believe the DA is racist. With such people, nothing can dissuade them – not facts, not anything.

Anyone stopping to think would realise that 2 things are true here:

1) most of SA is currently so into rage that it cannot figure out the difference between truth & satire – therefore, perception being reality, the party had little choice. It would have been damned if it did, and damned if it didn’t.

2) The second thing happening here: SA suffers under a regime that would rather deploy the guiltiest of MPs than discipline them – clearly the DA is trying to send a message: we won’t shield even our most valuable from discipline. Sure, it’s over-the-top, but SA is over the top. We will vote for excitement before accountability on any day of the week – we even say so on social media. What has happened here is down to us – all of us.

As for voting: vote for policies that you agree with and for people who’ll actually carry them out.


2 thoughts on “sorry, not sorry

  1. The thing is, as long as we are so filled with rage, we get further and further into the fire. Basically, if Social Media is what the world really is like, then we are fucked.

    • It isn’t, but it’s working hard to make it so. This is the 1st major SA decision based on SM reaction, and it sucks, but people using it to great a rift in the DA sucks even more. Will fight knee-jerk reactionism for all of my days 🙂

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