So, that was 2015

For me it was the year of the spiders (two of them, to be exact), the year of fires, tyres, raging and protests ranging from almost-sublime to overtly ridiculous. But it was also the year that masks began to slip and powerful con-people took a step too far: it’s like they’d taken us on a long drive into a dark forest, and left us there to fend for ourselves.

It was a year riddled with enough spin to make the whole country dizzy, and it was the year when things were expected to fall. And fall they did, ending with the Rand.

It was the year that we learned to use flags to reflect our shock and empathy with victims of radical horror – until we realised that we couldn’t keep up with changing flags every single day. It was the year that we began to question why all the media didn’t cover all the incidents all the time, until we realised that most of them were: except us.

But it was also the year that all the kids stood up in, largely peaceful, protest for a week.They even filmed the handful of violent saboteurs breaking down a fence, then filmed themselves putting the fence back. And they achieved what a decade of randomly violent protests haven’t: a tangible result. Next year the violent protesters aim to derail the gains – hopefully the other 50+ million of us won’t fall for it.

It was the year that ministers started telling us all the truth, accountable leaders in the ruling party started to speak up, and many of us suddenly found each other all on the same side of a massive con-job.

We’re nowhere near out of the woods yet, but (at least) we’ve found the path, and we’re sharing water and the compass.

Come on… let’s find our road home.


3 thoughts on “So, that was 2015

  1. I find it difficult to give the year any positive spin. The chickens have come home to roost on incompetent maintenance and planning, corruption at all levels has become completely blatant notwithstanding noises made, there have been puerile protests which are based on race rather than anything else if you analyse the rationale, the economy being dealt blow after blow until felled, and the ongoing utterly ill-considered and inappropriately violent strike and protest action. 2016 will have a big job to do not to slide further into the cesspool.

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