Just talking..

A slinging-match breaks out on social media – Venezuela, up until lately the most viable version of the socialist dream, has lost its entire economy and capitalists are saying: “I told you so.” Socialists are calling them names and it’s all going wrong. The following is a cobbled-together version of my side of a 30-tweet conversation. You’ll have to fill in blanks – use your imagination 🙂

“I think you may be missing some nuances between extreme capitalism and extreme socialism! Polar extremes in any argument are great for shutting an opponent up, but no-one really learns anything. You replied to me that “nuances are an evil capitalist construct!”

No, nuances are good – they’re the difference between adding a pinch of salt to scrambled eggs, or a shovel-full. I think most things appeared to be evil capitalist constructs to Mr Marx, as he sat writing in England 😉 I often wonder what percentage of Victorian-era thought could be attributed to tight clothing & indigestion.

Extreme capitalism is a terrible burden to the masses, but extreme socialism seems more like the kool aid. Trying to clarify: while extreme capitalism seems to work people to death, extreme socialism seems to starve them? You quote the system in the Seychelles as an example of corrupt capitalism, but is the Seychelles the bench-mark for any system? Must admit that I don’t know enough about it. Are there more nuanced systems that provide workable models for SA? EFF lean toward NKorea. Truly 😦

You say that socialism ensures that people are looked after – I say that nuanced socialism (ie. New Zealand) expects you to contribute: heavily & continually. Which is good. In work, in taxes & in respecting law.

I imagine that we all agree on corruption. In capitalist societies, you do it until you get caught, then you go to jail. But with extreme socialism, corruption is considered a patriotic act & apparently practiced by the actual system against the poor. The reason? Everyone outside the system’s (state) machine is ‘the poor’ in socialism. The only way to rise past being poor is to enter the state. Which is probably why our leaders laugh so much about corruption: it’s seen as a viable part of standard remuneration & almost a duty. Anyone who brings the subject of corruption up is just proving themselves to be part of capitalist evil & carping spoilsport a**holes.

Sadly, in SA it’s seen as a racial issue, which it really isn’t. It’s just fanatical adherence to a weak faith: extreme socialism. Why is it such a weak religion? It’s capacity for eating what it should sow, keeping workers as workers & being the perfect soil for tyrants.


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