If we want it to stop.

Amid the usual you-can’t-fix-anything-until-you-fix-everything bull on social media, the list of rapes and murders on my last post has grown to 8 cases over the last few days. Not 2 – it’s 8 that we know of.

One of the most bounced stories today has been how justice was served differently on two South African teenagers. I hate that either of them died, and have posted about both of them since I heard (including on Twitter where I’ve received no feedback or RTs from all who’re most offended at the silence). But the same thing happened when b.haram kidnapped 200+ young women and girls too – the outrage is often politically expedient, and has little to do with concern for any one woman’s safety.

Remember the flag-on-your-avatar rant after the Paris attack? It just became impossible to keep up with all the regions where massacres were happening. I started posting everyone the flag of the day to help them, but after the 5th flag in as many days, the loudest were the first to fade.

So, seeing as we care (and we do) here are some more suggestions on how to stop murder and rape in SA:

  1. Let’s step up teaching of the basic bill of rights at every school and every political rally, and put up money for clean special crime units.
  2. All churches and NGO’s could put the ‘safe house’ principle into action in every neighbourhood in SA. If we want it to stop, that is.
  3. We could get some valid research on issues like nyope and tik use – including best rehab methods – and get NarcAnon started wherever we can. If we want it to stop.

Think of this as our twitter/social media vigil. People wanted a huge vigil for each of the murder victims – here’s your chance: what practical steps would make it stop? And leave the death penalty out of it, for now. Mob justice means that SA already has a death-penalty-without-trial problem.

One thought on “If we want it to stop.

  1. I felt so despondent about all this, last week. Still do. It’s as if there is a lack of will to tackle these heinous crimes head on. It should become everyone’s No 1 priority.

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