I call b/s

Computer issues (mostly me), so went to pay a couple of bills the old-fashioned way today. First bank tells me I can’t do a deposit without an ID book/card. I ask: “I don’t need that if paying online, why here?” Teller says she doesn’t know, so I ask: “Is it to force me to bank online?” She shrugs and I realise that we aren’t having a conversation.

At the next bank I have to go through 2 antechambers of sparkly online ads and empty desks to get to the lone teller: he’s in what resembles a bunker, the slots beside him all empty. I say: “Why are they hiding you back here?” – he says: “They don’t really want you to do transactions with tellers anymore – in future I’ll be penalised for dealing with you.”

I look at the empty spaces beside him and I say: “Those used to be filled with taxpayers, right? Now they want you to work yourself out of a job?” He nods, this personable and capable young man.

Only when I get outside, I realise that I don’t really bank for free, but now I’m also paying for airtime do transactions with them – and they get to save on salaries+benefits because they’re laying off the people who used to assist me! How stupid am I?

I know: technology, convenience, saving on charges, progress, it is how it is etc, but I call bullsh*t.

Sure, you and I are OK with carrying the burden of our own banking, but so many South Africans have to deal in cash – informal economy, taxis, many domestic workers.. why should they have to bring ID, references, a blood sample and three character witnesses every time they make a cash deposit, plus the extra charge?

I know it won’t fly, but I wish we’d start a small revolution – everyone do just one small cash deposit per month inside a bank. I know it’s annoying and tiresome, but in an economy where we can’t make jobs, we really can SAVE some.

OK – I’m going back to MR ROBOT – thank you for watching 🙂




2 thoughts on “I call b/s

  1. The big guns need to improve their bottom line, unfortunately that’s what all companies care about nowadays. The whole sustainability thing and projects to help the communities all seem to be a bit of a cover up in my opinion

  2. When the concept of delivering a reliable and friendly service left the banking industry – so did I. The last straw was being hauled over the coals because of going the extra mile to correct someone else’s mess.

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