Taking stock

Taking stock (2011) It’s Friday night, and this week she’s home alone – a momentous week is over, and there just wasn’t enough energy to chase a sunset drink on the edge of the harbour. But this is good, it’s what she needs – time to walk undisturbed through the streets of her mind, see what’s […]

Checking in

I’m sitting a warm room flooded with sunshine.  For those of you in 35° Cape Town, that may seem superfluous, but in Leeds we’ve just made it through hurricane/cyclone/typhoon Doris and a still, sunny day is one hell of a thing. Took a walk through a little wood along a gravel path to the doctors’ […]

Into the North

This is a journey into the unknown. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve visited Leeds and Yorkshire before, but fleeting visits, best china and behaviour visits: this is for life. Everything starts well as we take the long road home, but after stopping at what the English call ‘Services’ (think: Wimpy road stops, but 5 […]

Taming the Anger Beast

We all come wired for anger. It’s a vital part of our emotional programming, that thing that separates us from the machines. But you can use a machine to imagine the different levels of anger, just think of your stove: The lowest setting (simmer) is like feeling annoyed, irritated The medium setting is closer to […]

Where is Joanne?

So, I’ve begun the transition into what will be, I hope, a completely new life. To be honest, I’m quite a way into it already, but there’s so much learning and adjusting to do that I can’t truly measure where I am in the process. A bit like life, really: just when you think you […]