Checking in

I’m sitting a warm room flooded with sunshine.  For those of you in 35° Cape Town, that may seem superfluous, but in Leeds we’ve just made it through hurricane/cyclone/typhoon Doris and a still, sunny day is one hell of a thing.

Took a walk through a little wood along a gravel path to the doctors’ rooms this morning and saw the closed buds of yellow, purple and white crocuses carpeting every grass-patch, and the first daffodils lining stone pavements.

Spring is big in the UK and after Doris, I know why. Miss Know-nothing over here decided to take a train journey into a neighbouring town to sign some paperwork on Wednesday and found herself being lifted off her feet by an icy, circling gale. Even though I’ve spent most of my life in South Easter bootcamp, it took all my skills to stay upright. Once home, I discovered I’d been dancing around on the skirts of Doris, but now she’s flounced off to terrorise someone else and I’m sitting in a sun patch.

Initial impressions

People are the same and different. So far, I’ve experienced great kindness from everyone I meet and greetings from most people I pass. To be fair, I experienced the same thing in Cape Town, but one worries that a new place may be difficult. Sheltering from the storm in a station coffee shop on Wednesday, a large man sat on an adjustable stool and it dropped 2 settings – he turned to me, smiled ruefully, and said: “There, look – Ah’ve killed it.” 🙂

I’ve managed to experience a crime in the UK and how crime gets dealt with, but I’ll tell you about that next time – for now, I just want to sit here and soak up some rays. Later, people.



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