The Year 2017

There’s an ad pitching for people to write and submit short stories; the genre being dystopia. I’m attracted to this and think it over outside in the afternoon sun, but then mild panic sets in: either my imagination has failed or the reality of 2017 is already so dystopian that I don’t know where to […]

Is corruption a victimless crime?

Thank you to all the hard-working journalists for keeping the SASSA mess front and centre – no matter how many sideshow-Bob crises appear to obscure it. And yes, the sideshow-Bob issues have some merit (why else would people pay attention to them?), but nothing current compares to the implications of this: legally, ethically and morally. […]


From spinning clouds out of random words I’ve now become someone, it seems, who herds reluctant phrases into tight little spaces were they live to dance out their tiny paces, earning some cents per each mobile minute – that’s all it’s about, that all that’s in it. And worst of all, my own personal hell: […]

On the job-hunt

Maybe this is what it feels like to start dating after being in a very long relationship: nervous, a bit unsure, wondering what to wear – just strange. But one has to get out there in order to live so let me just do this. Recruitment is not a science It’s probably the same for […]